Innovation sits at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be a leading innovator within the rapidly changing poultry sector. Through our innovation, we exceed customer expectations, consumer needs and food safety standards.

New Product Development

Our ICE (Immerse, Create and Engage) process allows us to spend a lot of time gathering insight into consumer needs. ICE reveals ideas and opportunities to inspire the development of new products. It’s also through ICE that we improve our existing, award-winning products such as Simply Roast in the Bag whole birds and the Ready to Cook convenience range, maintaining demand and profitability.


In 2013-14, we launched and improved over 80 chicken and turkey products. It takes a lot of hard work: this was the result of over 18,000 hours, seven innovation days, 12 exhibitions and over 25 workshops, with a staggering 2,000 samples created along the way.


We make this happen by having a dedicated development chef that works alongside development specialists and practical product managers who spend a lot of time on the factory floor.

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Food Safety

Food safety has always been a top priority for us. We are demonstrating this commitment through an ongoing programme of improved bio-security and hygiene at our farms and the major focus of our current investment recognises the difficulty in eradicating the naturally occurring bacteria Campylobacter from the bird supply chain. We invest millions of pounds in food safety research and are extensively testing a unique and innovative technology called SonoSteam at our primary processing plant in Brackley. SonoSteam uses simultaneous steam and ultrasound technology to reduce Campylobacter.

Faccenda Foods has also led the way in significantly improving food safety in the kitchen through novel product and packaging design.


“Faccenda have worked proactively to deliver the ‘Roast in the Bag’ initiative and this is another step in finding an effective intervention for the reduction of Campylobacter levels in poultry meat. The FSA is supporting the trials at Faccenda and will provide an independent evaluation of the SonoSteam performance.”

--Catherine Brown, Chief Executive, Foods Standards Agency (FSA)

Innovative Production

At Telford we have one of the most advanced poultry production facilities in Europe thanks to a £35m investment. The 100,000 square foot building has fully automated packing lines, a new computerised weighing system and pick and place robotics for fillet packing. The new Telford factory portions over 1 million birds each week and it has been designed to give our customers the knowledge that we can grow with them and scale up quickly to consumer demand.


Our commitment to tackling Campylobacter

Everyone at Faccenda Foods is committed to delivering high quality products that our customers and consumers can trust and enjoy.  Since the spring, we have made significant investments aimed at reducing Campylobacter levels across our entire supply chain – from farm to factory – that has helped more than halve the percentage of whole birds featuring the highest concentrations of Campylobacter. This includes, SonoSteam, which kills Campylobacter and other micro-organisms…

Faccenda Foods to implement SonoSteam technology

  Faccenda Foods to implement SonoSteam technology after successful trial   SonoSteam technology to move to continuous running Over 80% reduction in Campylobacter proven during in-line trials £1m investment in SonoSteam is one element of a comprehensive Campylobacter plan   Brackley, UK – Faccenda Foods, one of the UK’s leading food companies, has confirmed that its extensive in-line trials with SonoSteam technology have been successful and the next phase of…