At Faccenda Foods, we take responsibility every day not just to provide an excellent, safe service for our customers and their consumers, but also to our dedicated people, the environment, the communities around us and of course the animals on our farms, in our factories and in transit between our facilities. These areas are all of equal importance and our company wouldn’t be as successful if we failed to honour any of these responsibilities.


We have built long term partnerships with our customers and a strong reputation because we deliver on our promises in service, quality and innovation. This creates a high level of trust – they know they can rely upon us. We continue to innovate and grow with our customers, aiming to be the first choice supplier for centre plate food solutions.


Our commitment to our people is at the heart of what makes us different as a business. We have a responsibility for all of our 3,500 employees and want to ensure that we provide colleagues with the right environment and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.


This means meeting the highest standards of health, safety and welfare and protecting our supply chain from the threat of modern slavery and human trafficking.


It’s also why we have a minimum wage of £7.55 per hour for all of our employees, and offer a wealth of training and education opportunities.  We know that our business grows with our people.


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Animal Welfare

Delivering good standards of bird welfare ensures that we provide the best quality poultry for our customers. It’s common sense really. We are Red Tractor certified on all of our farms. Of the 160 elements needed to obtain Red Tractor certification, 144 are animal welfare based. Our birds are raised in temperature-controlled housing with fresh air ventilation, protected from the elements, disease and predators. Birds have constant access to food and water, room to move about freely and are cared for by well-trained farmers and vets who define and manage flock health. We have no cages, use no growth hormones and antibiotics are only prescribed on the advice of a veterinarian.

Food Safety

We take food safety incredibly seriously. Our multi-million pound investment through the Faccenda Foods Action Plan confronts the challenge posed by Campylobacter. The Plan, implemented throughout our supply chain includes three key areas: biosecurity measures on our farms, interventions in our factory operations and improved food safety in the kitchen.


Steps taken to improve biosecurity arrangements on all of our farms mean that we are fully compliant with the new higher Red Tractor standards. In factories, we are trialling factory technology, which could reduce Campylobacter by up to 90%.


Through novel product and packaging design and working in partnership with a leading retailer, we launched first-to-market ‘Simply Roast in the Bag’ products. As birds are cooked in oven-ready packaging there is no need for consumers to handle food, which improves food safety at home and significantly reduces the risk from Campylobacter.


We are committed to the prevention and control of all emissions across air, land and water to minimise our impact on the environment. Whether through reducing water usage in our factories, minimising waste in our process or ensuring efficiency in our transport fleet we take our responsibility to manage our environmental impact very seriously. Our eco-innovations help us to achieve such things as zero per cent landfill waste from turkey operations at our facility in Holly Bank and the re-use of 50,000 tonnes of our bird litter in power stations and for fertiliser each year – we know this makes a difference.


As a major employer in towns such as Brackley, Telford and Derby, we are a core part of the community. We look to go beyond a place of work and establish a positive presence in other areas such as education, sport and community relations.




How we’re tackling human trafficking and modern slavery

In April this year we published our modern slavery statement and policy ahead of the required date so that we could take action and strengthen this vital component of our ethical supply chain. This update outlines the progress we have made in the subsequent six months to minimise the likelihood of unacceptable labour practices occurring in our business or our supply base.

Our commitment to tackling Campylobacter

Everyone at Faccenda Foods is committed to delivering high quality products that our customers and consumers can trust and enjoy.  Since the spring, we have made significant investments aimed at reducing Campylobacter levels across our entire supply chain – from farm to factory – that has helped more than halve the percentage of whole birds featuring the highest concentrations of Campylobacter. This includes, SonoSteam, which kills Campylobacter and other micro-organisms…